Water is the cornerstone of our life. In this contemporary world, water plays a significant role.
As told, when the well is dry we’ll know the importance of water. Read More

Bon Auto Routier

If you are the one who has always had a zeal to engineer real life transportation problems,
if you are the one who feel amazing to involve in route planning, then don't wait. Read More

Concrete Challenge

In the past 60 years, significant changes have taken place in the type and properties of concrete. Ever wondered how a nuclear power plant is constructed? It involves complex engineering structures Read More


Are you one among those who is interested in learning the subject from different perspectives?? Are you the one who loves to explain why you are right?? Read More

Essay Competition

Civil Engineering Association,IIT Madras is pleased to announce ESSAY COMPETITION for the first time as a part of CEA fest.This competition is introduced as a part of CEA fest to encourage students Read More

Geo Genius

It is reinforcement which gives strength to soil. You must reinforce the soil to have a strong structure.Taking the Geo-Technical aspects for various kinds of constructions Read More

Online Quiz

CEA online quiz will be challenging your basic understanding and skills in Civil engineering discipline,technical capacity and engineering ingenuity. Read More

Photography Contest

Do you love to capture the interesting and beautiful scenes around you ? Do you stay up at nights worrying about “composition”? If yes, then look no further. Read More


CEA introduces for the first time, PRABANDHA, a construction management competition. It is designed to challenge students' construction knowledge, time management, organizational Read More

Potential Professor

Ever felt that you could teach better than your teacher? Ever felt that a topic would be more interesting if taught in a different way? Ever thought that Indian teaching system Read More


Do you think you are a KNOW-IT-ALL? Are you up-to-date with the developments in civil engineering? Well then, accept the challenge of CEA quiz quest 2017 and grab a chance to win exciting prizes. Read More

Sustainability Design Challenge

Humanity has tried many different ways to develop. Some ended in wars, others in economic slumps and depression. Choosing a wrong path again is not an option at all Read More

Master Builder

For all those who keep dreaming about launching their work into the New York City skyline. For all those who might have built their own versions of the Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridge Read More


The initial move in creation of any wonder in construction is the fabrication of its miniature representation which is a model. Model is an appropriate simplification Read More


Hey! Guys we are back once again with our PRESTIGIOUS ROBOZEST'17 event, a national level robotics championship.
This time in the association with CEA'17 IIT'MADRAS.Like every year, RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. providing you the opportunity to compete in the national level championship along with other Engineering colleges, institutions and university students. We aim towards a better future of the students in this field of technology by sharing our technical knowledge and experiences with them during the workshops and various forms of training conducted.This time the teams have chance to win lots of prizes.So "HURRY UP"! get your self registered along with your team members and be prepared to win the grand finale. "Best Of Luck"!