Bitumen Emulsion

Have you ever seen laying of road which involves heating of bitumen to a temperature of around 200 °c.
Can you imagine that we can make the same bitumen to flow like water at room temperature and can ... Read More

Quick Sand Demonstration

Have you ever seen people getting stuck in quicksand? Did you encounter it in your real life?
If the answer is no then we at CEA fest are here to demonstrate the formation of quicksand condition. Read More

Concrete Based Water Filtration system

When structures made of concrete are demolished or renovated, concrete recycling is an increasingly common method of utilizing the rubble. Recycling has a number of benefits Read More

Lake Restoration

Lakes are beautiful water bodies that are very useful to mankind and can also add a sense of charm to the place they are situated in, especially an urban environment. Read More

Concrete Skateboard

Is it very hard to believe a skateboard out of concrete? It is not surprising that much advancement in concrete technology have occurred in the past few years. Read More

Concrete 3D Printing

The latest trends in technology lead us to explore new methods for doing even our most basic activities. So why should Construction be any different? Here we present the newest idea Read More