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  CEA Inaugral

The Inaugural Ceremony marks the beginning of CEA Activities every year. The CEA proceedings are kickstarted on an auspicious note of lamp lighting by Secretaries and Convenor and Visiting Chief Guest accompanied by a prayer. This is followed by speeches from chief guest and Convenor/Co-convenor. Then a briefing on the CEA activities will be presented by the secretary along with the look back video of last year fest. Theme launch is done by the chief guest. Also, the annual magazine, CONTOUR was launched and a copy was presented to the chief guest.

CEA 2018-19 theme was announced as BIOMIMICRY.


CEA organizes lectures on the trending topics in the civil engineering by the distinguished guests.

Mini CEA

Mini CEA is the flagship event of CEA,IITM.It is miniature form of CEA Fest. Every year it is organised in various cities across the country.

Mini CEA 2017-18 edition was organised at IIT Tirupati and IIT palakkad which saw a tremendous participation from the budding civil engineers.

Freshie Night

After long and boring quiz week, some entertainment for young civil engineers! It is in Freshie Night, organised by 'Civil Engineering Association, IIT Madras', that freshers showcase their talents and get to meet and interact with seniors.

Project X
This event is aimed to inculcate the Civil engineering feel amongst the freshest minds straight out of coaching; the freshies. In the edition of CEA 2017-18 the problem statement involved designing of a pylon cable stayed bridge to carry maximum load by use of as minimum material possible.
CEA Games
CEA organises sporting events to give a kind of relief and complete recreation for the students. These include CEA Badminton,CEA Cricket and CEA Volleyball. These events also saw a tremendous participation from the professors.
CEA Night

The activities of CEA culminates in a night of happiness and satisfaction where all the CEA members meet and celebrate the success of CEA.

Saying goodbye is rarely easy, so when asked to organise a farewell party, it can be quite the challenge. CEA night is an event organised by 'Civil Engineering Association, IIT Madras' to bid farewell to the graduating students consisting of cultural programs followed by dinner.


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