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CEA Fest is the annual technical festival of Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. It is one of the most prestigious departmental fests in the country. CEA fest has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.It is a student contest that test the knowledge and practicality of young potential civil engineer’s of our country. CEA fest is mainly know for its professional discipline that deals with designing, planning, construction and management.

This year CEA fest returns with much more vigour with technical and creative events which will leave you amazed wanting for more. Mark your calendars from March 2nd to March 4th, 2019. CEA fest is a kind of fest, that any Civil Engineer with passion and enthusiasm towards this field would like to attend. CEA fest will keep you immersed in a wide range of competitions, challenges, workshops and expos that possess a comprehensive understanding of technical elements of Civil Engineering. This is the place where most brilliant minds of the country converge under the banner of Civil Engineering and gives opportunity to shape and manipulate the world we live in and one can make the best use of this experience.

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